Office 365 troubleshooting

Sync Issues folder fills with conflicts - Office 365 OWA and Outlook are out of sync - Mails can not be deleted in OWA

Problem description: More and more conflict messages fill the Sync Issues folder in Outlook. If the problematic emails are deleted from Outlook, they are still present in OWA. Attempting to delete them in OWA will fail or they will reappear after a short time. Trying to delete the mails manually in the PowerShell with the command:

PS C:\>

Search-Mailbox -Identity [username] -SearchQuery 'Subject:[query]' -DeleteContent

returned the following error message:

Deletion failed with error 'Move/Copy messages failed.' for the following item:

+ CategoryInfo : ReadError: (0:Int32) [Search-Mailbox], SearchMailboxException


Possible reason: The problem could be a broken search index in the Office 365 database.


Solution: We have to rebuild the search index with the command:

PS C:\>

New-MoveRequest -Identity [username]

To show some information about the current status you can run one of these two commands:

PS C:\>

Get-MoveRequestStatistics -Identity [username]

PS C:\>

Get-MoveRequest -Identity [username]

After it completed execute:

PS C:\>

Remove-MoveRequest -Identity [username]


Microsoft techcommunity - Rebuild search index of a mailbox in Exchange Online

Windows Docs - Search-Mailbox


Enable “Mailbox Import Export” role for the use of Search-Mailbox

Get enabled commands

Get-Command -Module $tmpModule.Name -Name "Search*"

Try to delete messages from deleted items folder

Search-Mailbox -Identity [username] -SearchQuery '#deleted items#' -DeleteContent


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